To The Inconsiderate Slob…

So, it is quite amazing how disgusting women can be. Guys, don’t let women fool you, there happens to be some very nasty women out there. And those nasty women… apparently they work in my office building.

There are so many times during the day where I walk in and there is pee on the seat, floaters in the toilet and toilet paper everywhere. Then, I walked in at the end of the day and this was hanging up…

Do you think that they will get the message?

PS I know who wrote this. And no it wasn’t me!



  1. DeannaEvenbeckRoddy says:

    I’ve heard from a few friends who have worked in public places that the women’s bathroom is usually a lot worse than the men’s! I can’t believe how disgusting some women are!!!! WTF is wrong with them?????

    • @DeannaEvenbeckRoddy It is horrible. And the worst part is that it is not like a lot of outside people come into the office, so it has to be the people that work there. Even worse!

  2. gfunkified says:

    That’s one thing I hated about working in an office. What is wrong with people? Some women are worse than my three year old. Yikes.

  3. carriesrambles says:

    Ugh. people are pigs! I don’t know what is worse, women or men. We just added yet another male to the office situation leaving me outnumbered 7-1

  4. Some woman can be truly disgusting in the bathroom. One of my first jobs was cleaning and the women’s  bathroom was always worse than the men’s.

  5. maceyleigh says:

    I would HOPE they’d get it. Women truly can be pigs!
    I don’t even want to think of the streaks that I’ve seen! ALL colors, too. BLECH

  6. misselaineous0375 says:

    Ick!  Hope the note helps!!

  7. mommylisa21 says:

    Pee on the seat is the WORST.

  8. I used to work with only guys and there is nothing worse than a disgusting bathroom you have to clean to even use! That note is awesome though!

    • @AudreyN It’s funny because, from what I have heard, the men’s restroom is cleaner than the ladies’ room. I only know this because I work with mostly men. I just think it is crazy to even have a mess in the restroom at all.

  9. jackie.a.cross says:

    OMG… how can someone, especially a woman, be such a slob!! I can’t imagine one of the ladies I work with behaving like this.
    Hopefully the note works!

  10. skywaitress says:

    That is hilarious. You should think about submitting it to Passive Aggressive Notes, totally fits right in.

    • @skywaitress Yes! I didn’t even think about that but I am so going to do that. I need to make sure it is ok with the note writer first, but I am sure that she will be ok with it.

  11. JacAndElsie says:

    This is WONDERFUL. We had to put a sign up reminding employees to wash their hands. We all know who the ones who don’t are. And we all hate having to touch anything after them, cause they gross.

    • @JacAndElsie One of our part-time employees is a dental hygienist and she put up a “please wash your hands sign”. I am surprised by the people that don’t wash their hands. Heck, I wash my hands so much that they are dry and split but I would rather have that than pee-pee hands!

  12. batcrapcrazy says:

    That’s pure awesomeness. I know how nasty women can be too…I’m STILL cleaning, three months later, all the disgusting nooks and crannies the previous women who lived in this place failed to. I doubt in 10 years it has ever been done. BEYOND DISGUSTING!

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