Finding My Sexy

I have never thought of myself as sexy.


Even when I was 100 lbs.


It has taken a lot for me to start loving my body again. I know that my husband loves my body no matter what, but when you have gained and lost as much weight as I have and carried a baby it can be hard to ever feel that love for your body again.

Then I found out about Boudoir Photography Sessions.

I could never do anything like that. I have just never been that comfortable with my body.

One day I received an e-mail from my good friend and former college roommate, Jen, who works for Daily Deals For Moms.  She wanted to inform me that they were offering a deal for a Boudoir Photos Session at more than half off the regular price. I thought about it for a while and figured what the hell.

I was nervous about it for months. I thought about giving it to someone else or just backing out altogether. I couldn’t imagine getting photos of myself half-naked or whatever they do in those photo sessions.

After freaking out about it for a few months I finally e-mailed Brady Kesling from Mobile Boudoir. My friend Jen did it and had a great time with it. She was very conservative with hers, but still managed to be sexy. I figured if I was going to do it I was going to go all out. No showing my coslopus or floppy boobs but I like the idea of looking like you’re naked without showing anything.  I think that is so much sexier than showing all of your goodies.

The date was set. November 19th at 3:00 pm. I texted my SiL, Michelle, and begged her to come with me. Of course she agreed. Who doesn’t want to see their slightly chubby SiL half-naked. ;) I was so glad that she joined me for my adventure. I couldn’t have done it without her.

Mobile Boudoir will come to your house or Brady will take your photos in a studio. It is up to you. I opted for the studio. I wasn’t all about trying to get the family out of the house for my photo shoot. Dave was very appreciative, especially because it was his birthday and football was on.

I researched poses and ideas for my shoot. I went to Dots and bought some cute accessories. When I arrived at the studio my mind went blank. I freaked out a bit. I forgot all of my ideas. Thankfully Brady was super nice and NOT CREEPY AT ALL! You never know what you are going to get and I was so pleased at how nice Brady was. He was very respectful. Luckily my SiL had some fabulous ideas.

Like I said before, I couldn’t have done this without her. Let’s just say she saw a lot of me during the photo session and helped out a lot in adjusting my floppy boobs. She was a lifesaver.

Brady took about 1000 photos. I was so impressed. Of course, not all of those photos were pleasant, but I was able to find some very flattering photos. Brady Kesling really did a great job.

And now what you have all been waiting for….

The photos…





I think I may have found my sexy…

Have you ever thought about a Boudoir Photo Shoot? I highly suggest it!


Embrace Your Body!

Contrary to what many of you have seen and or read, I am not always the first one to say that I love my body.  I have actually had a very long love/hate relationship with my body. I have been skinny and fat so many times I cannot even count, but my stretch marks can tell you that it has happened. Even though my weight has fluctuated on several occasions, there are a few constants that I love no matter what size I am.

So, since it is Vlogday Friday, I decided to go ahead and use  Embrace Your Body Week as my next vlog topic. I also have a beautiful little co-star!

Did you notice I said her real name? Oops! Oh well.. And I promise to find some better lighting for next time. I am so much prettier in the real light! LOL!
And on a side note, after I was done with the video, J walked in and said “Mom…what is Mom Sexy?” He is such a nosey little thing! I just laughed and said don’t worry about it.
I almost forgot… Peanut reminded me about one more thing that we love…
So anysexy…stop by the Mommyologist and check out other moms who are embracing their body this week!
What do you love most about your body??

Mom Sexy Prom!

If you are a mom and you haven’t heard of The Mommyologist, you need to go visit her! The Mommyologist is determined to bring Mom Sexy back!
In order to start bringing back some of that Mom Sexy back she has decided to hold a Mom Sexy Prom this week! If you are a mom and you are interested in attending, just link up your blog post about your Mom Sexy Prom and post some beautiful pictures of yourself bringing Mom Sexy back!

I know that it takes a lot for some moms to feel sexy. I am that way too. It is so rare that we are able to get all dressed up and feel sexy. I came home from work today, took a shower and got all glammed up. I didn’t tell the family what I was doing at first, but as soon as I came downstairs all dressed up the first questions was “Where are you going?” The hubs was stunned, but as soon as I told him what was going on we went outside so he could be my photographer.

The most shocking part was, as soon as I uploaded my pics to I actually got a comment that said “very sexy!” That made it all worth it. So without further delay….my Mom Sexy Prom pics!

Oh and I almost forgot…The Mommyologist and some select people are going to nominate 5 Mom Sexy Prom-goers for Mom Sexy Prom Queen! Although I know my favorite biotch CB will claw my eyes out if I win….Vote for me!

Now show me your MOM SEXY!