Ohio Michigan Blogger Meet Up

Are you an Ohio or Michigan blogger?

Are you interested in networking with other local bloggers?

I am very excited to announce that Free To Be Stacia Lee, Fashion or Fiction, and The Random Blogette are teaming up to bring you an Ohio Michigan Blogger Meet Up this summer!

We have several sponsors already and are always looking for more! More details will be announced as they are decided to make sure to subscribe to the blog and follow us on Twitter!

If you are interested in attending this fabulous networking event, please let me know or e-mail us at ohmibloggermeetup@yahoo.com! We are looking for a venue so we will need an estimated head count.

We look forward to meeting all of the fabulous Ohio and Michigan bloggers!


Ha! I knew that I would get you all to check this post out because of the title alone! Perverts! And actually it has nothing to do with actual BJs but it does have something to do with BJ’s Pumpkin Farm! I promise that I am not going all “mommy blogger” on you and turning all nice and sensitive. We just had some great photos and I had to share. Cuz you know that this is the perfect time of year for the obligatory pumpkin posts. See here and here. And yes, the whole time that we were talking about the pumpkin farm and anytime someone would say BJ’s the hubs would get all giggly like a school girl. Yes people he has the mind of a 12 year old!

So anypervs, my in-laws came to visit a couple of weeks ago  from C-bus (or as those not from the area call it, Columbus). We had a fantastic time, as always and since it was such a beautiful and crazy warm weekend we decided to do something outside. And since it is soon to be Halloween a pumpkin patch was the perfect idea. Plus I thought it would be great to torture The Blogging Goddess with this post too!

This place had it all but yet was considerably small. They have a very intricate corn maze, which we skipped this year because we did the hayride instead. A hayride which took us across the street through a small corn maze, where the grandson of the farmer scared the bejeezus out of the hubs when he jumped off the hayride and hid in the corn and jumped out with a scream. He was kind of like one of those kids from children of the corn… They also had all kinds of great things to take pictures with. So enough with the babbling. Here are some of the pics. (If you are my personal fb friend then you probably already saw these.)

Pumpkin Head


Can you find Peanut? We almost didn’t notice her in the pic below. Children of the Corn boy took it.



The hubs is very classy! How crazy is it that he looks just like his dad?!

He sure is very handsome…

The kids’ pumpkins. J’s is the white one because he likes to be different.

My beautiful baby girl!

Did anyone else have any fun at a pumpkin patch this month?

Blog Lovin’!

So I have found some amazing bloggers out there and wanted to give them some love. I hope that you go and show them the love!

1. The Mommyologist is hosting “Embrace Your Body Week” which runs from August 9th to the 13th. So may of us only look at what we hate about our bodies, but we also need embrace what we love about our bodies. I am so guilty of doing this all of the time. I am always complaining about the fat that hangs over my bra, the tummy that just won’t go away and my jiggly arms. I do know that there are some thing that I do love about myself. I am sure that you can all think of one! Please join me next week and link up to the Mommyologist and embrace your body! (I know that many of you already know her, but I just thought this was a great meme to do!)

2. I found another great blogger, well actually she found me! 29 and Holding… is a great blog! She is so adorable and she lives close to me. Her hubs is actually from Toledo too, so we have a lot in common. She also has 2 adorable little girls that are definitely a handful. Her most recent post (today) is about how one of her daughters had to get stitches…in her nose! Poor thing!

3. Have you all heard of this new blog, The Ninja Blogger? If not, check it out. She is quite hilarious! I love her witty posts and even though she is a small blogger I hope to be as funny as she is one day!

Sorry if this post seems kind of lame. I am having some writer’s block, but I am trying hard to relieve it. Hopefully tomorrow will be better! Plus, I love pimping out other great blogs!