Lands’ End National Swimsuit #Confidence Week – Do You Have Swimsuit Confidence?

Last year I showed you my swimsuit confidence. This winter I found my sexy and showed you a glimpse into my Boudoir photo shoot. Slowly but surely I have become to accept my body. It is hard but I should be proud of it.

I am proud of my lumps and bumps. I gave birth to a beautiful little girl and I have helped a troubled little boy turn his life around and become the son that anyone would be proud of. I am proud of myself. There, I said it. I am proud of myself.

And I am confident.

I am confident in my parenting. I am confident in myself. I am confident in my body.

I have Swimsuit Confidence.

You will not see me hiding under a large t-shirt or under a cover up. It will all be out there for anyone to see and I am ok with it. If you are not ok with it then you can just look away.

Paige is ok with it too!

Paige and I have Swimsuit Confidence, do you?

Check out some more ladies with Swimsuit Confidence over at Curvy Girl Guide to learn more about the Swimsuit Confidence movement!

Updated: Many have asked about my swimsuit in the photo above. It is from Kohls from 2-3 years ago. I did not receive a free swimsuit from Lands’ End even though I would love to have one if they want to give one to me! This one could not contain my rack anymore after this photo was taken. =(

In The Boudoir

Now that it is not a surprise anymore, I can tell all of you. I am getting a Boudoir Photo Session done. I know. Right now you are sitting there asking yourself, “What are you thinking?”

At first it was all about Dave then I realized that this is really all about me. I have never been one to ever think of myself as sexy. One time I actually bought the whole corset-thigh high-sexy-lacy-get up and the guy I was dating laughed and asked me where my whip was. I was devastated! I thought I looked sexy as hell, but apparently he thought I looked like a fool. After that encounter I gave up on the whole sexy factor.

I never bought lingerie again. I never really felt sexy, even when I was the smallest I have ever been. Sexy really isn’t a matter of size, I feel it is a matter of confidence. If you don’t feel confident about yourself, how in the hell are you ever going to feel sexy?

Well, I am breaking out of my comfort zone and non-sexiness by showing myself that I can be sexy. I am not going all out and showing my coslapus or my fun bags. Trust me, I am not going all Playboy on you. I am just hoping for some nice pictures that I can look back on one day and remind myself that I am sexy.

Maybe, if you’re lucky I may even share a few.

My fingers are crossed hoping that this all turns out well. I am even making my sister-in-law come with me. I know that she will be honest and make sure that I look good. Also, Dave is a little nervous about me doing this. I am a little nervous too.

I still have no idea what I am going to wear.

Have you ever done anything like this before?