50 Shades of Dave

*WARNING* If you are related to me you may not want to proceed. Why don’t you check out some hilariously awesome e-cards instead.

As you all know, I have been sequestered in my house finishing the 5o Shades trilogy. Ok, I went to work and all, but as soon as I got home I looked like this…

50 Shades of Grey, E.L. James, Reading, Trilogy

One night, as I was finishing the end of the trilogy I looked at Dave and said, “We need to spice things up a bit. You know, get a little aggressive. Have fun with sex.”

Dave looked at me and nodded his head and that was the end of that. Yes, I will admit that 50 Shades has done wonders for our sex life. We are one of those couples. I understand that not all couples have had the same end result but for us it has been… nice. I am all for whatever brings us back to each other.

Later that night, we got in bed and Dave leaned over and pinned my arms down. In my head I am thinking, ok…this could be fun… Next thing I know he started “playfully” smacking my face. I lost it. I started laughing hysterically and asking him what the hell he was doing! He replied, “It’s 50 Shades of Grey babe! This would make a great blog post!”

Next thing I know we are both laughing hysterically. I just couldn’t keep it together. Leave it to Dave to think about what is going to make a good blog post while trying to initiate sex.

Then there was this lovely text conversation. Yes, sometimes I am an instigator…

Me: Hope your day is better than mine today. Love you. Let’s get drunk and screw tonight. ;)

Dave: Maybe I can slap you around. :)

Me: :p You are like my own 50 Shades but less fucked up. Thank God.

Dave: 50 Shades of Dave.

Me: LOL! That is what I was going to title my blog post!

Now I know that not everyone is a big fan of these books and to each their own, but I think that the actual story itself was interesting. I guess I am a fan of poorly written books! ;) Whatever works, right!

Dave asked me if I was going to reread them. I wasn’t planning on it, so now I am looking for some well written smut books. Check out these list from Brittany. Herself and Curvy Girl Guide.

Have you read the 50 Shades Trilogy? Do you have any recommendations on some good smut books?