Super Bowl Hangover

So, apparently there was a football game last night. I remember watching some hilarious commercials and watching Beyonce shake her thang. Also, let’s not forget the awesomeness that was the Destiny’s Child reunion. (Was it just me or did Beyonce make sure that Kelly and Michelle’s mics were not as loud as hers was? Diva much?)

There were some pretty great commercials as well. I am in love with the Taco Bell commercial with the old people. My sister-in-law looked at me and said, “That is totally us when we are old.” I can’t argue with that! It is so true.

Also, the Budweiser Clydesdales commercial totally made me tear up. I am so glad Dave wasn’t in the room during that commercial or he would’ve made fun of me for tearing up, or as he calls it “vagina faced”.

Speaking of Dave. He had some epic comments during the game. First there was this comment regarding the power going out.

Now that was hilarious. (Sorry Ravens fans.)

And then it got even better.

Melissa’s comment was a nice add too. Well done neighbor. Well done.

On one of my shares, Allyson commented, “I mean seriously…give this guy a microphone.” And I thought, or a laptop to write on my blog!

Ladies and gentlemen, please stay tuned (on Wednesdays) for….

No pressure honey. No pressure.


  1. singdwingangel says:

    I would so love to see Dave contribute stuff. Ya’ll crack me up. I didn’t watch the game.. not one second of it. No one in this house did. I know we are weirdos lol.

  2. maceyleigh says:

    Dave, BY FAR, had the BEST status update of the night. I laughed my ass of and my husband even thought it was HILARIOUS!! :) I stole it and shared….too dang funny to keep to myself.

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