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If you are like me you are super busy and don’t always have time to run to the store if you need new clothes. Online shopping is like my own little wonderland where I can choose from all over the country where I want to shop. I just love it. Also, most places have a great return policy. You see something that you love online, think it will be perfect on you, try it on and then you realize it is no bueno. That happens to me regularly, but I still love the convenience of online shopping.

One of my issues regarding shopping in general and mainly online shopping is the product itself. How can you tell what that shirt or those pants are going to look like on you? Have you seen some of these models? Most of them don’t even look real, let alone looking like you or me. They are airbrushed to the point that they don’t even resemble a human being anymore.

One day I was perusing Twitter, when I should’ve been busy doing something else and I saw a tweet from a fellow blogger that I follow talking about I can’t remember the exact wording of the tweet but it was something about real women fashion and I knew I had to check it out.

I was blown away when I saw their website. Not only do they have adorable clothes but they also have real looking women modeling their clothes. These women are not airbrushed and are not the stick thin models that you normally see on a clothing store’s website. They also offer videos with the clothing to show you how the clothing moves and how it really looks!

When Reel Attire saw me tweeting about their company and following them, they contacted me to see if we could work together. I jumped at the chance. They have been so personable and so much fun to work with. I was sent two pieces to review and I loved them right away.

Teal Zig Zag Top

I loved this top. I loved the way it fit, even with my full bust it still fit great. Now I just need to find a blue cardigan to match the blue in the shirt. That would be awesome. Hint, hint.

Draped Orange Tunic

I have never been one to wear orange but for some reason I just had to have this top. I was so impressed how well it fit me. It is definitely not something that I would normally wear but I loved it. Dave even said that he really liked it as well and he usually isn’t one to give his opinion about my clothing.

I even made my own video showing off how my body looks in both shirts; lumps, bumps and all! I am not afraid. I embrace my curves and all that comes with them. It is so nice to find a clothing company that does the same. They embrace the real woman’s body.

I cannot wait to see what summer styles they get in. I am so in love with so many of their pieces that Dave may have to take my credit card away!

I am sure that you are wondering why they are called Reel Attire and not Real Attire. I wondered the same thing, so I asked!

From Reel Attire:
Founded by two best friends that met in college – Jennifer Brenner and Terra Stahlbaum, Reel Attire was created to provide a more honest approach to online shopping.  We launched Reel Attire in 2012 and we are based in Austin, Texas. is an online boutique dedicated to creating a dressing room-like shopping experience for women from the comfort of their own homes.

We display all of our hand-selected items on real women (usually our friends), so you can get an idea of how our pieces will fit real body types, not just the 5’9 size 0 model. We also shoot videos of every fashionable item so you can see how the clothing falls and flows. As an online retailer focused on honesty, we love to hear from our customers. Let us know your thoughts, what you want to see, what you don’t, and how we can make an even better place for you to shop.

Come on, you know you love them just from that story! Reel Attire loves you too! They are offering all of my readers a 15% off discount! Just use the discount code rb15!

Make sure to follow Reel Attire on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and Pinterest!

*FTC Disclosure: I was provided product to review from Reel Attire. Even though I was provided products to review all opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Nice review Jayme :)

  2. JacAndElsie says:

    Great website. Reasonable prices and super cute stuff. I like the blue shirt, but that orange one really flatters you lots.

  3. amandaaustin says:

    ADORABLE! I absolutely LOVE that orange top…good choice!!

  4. sandyallen11 says:

    That orange top is awesome.  It really looks good on you.  Thanks for the info. on Reel Attire.

  5. TheMommyMess says:

    Ok, you look adorable! And? I can hear your camera man in the back ground of that video. He is winning the best supporting spouse role this morning!

  6. MyPixieBlog says:

    Oh, you look so beautiful in both tops, but I think I’m partial to the orange on you. It just suits you so beautifully! 
    Also I love how in the video you can kind of hear Dave say “go!” right before he started filming you doing a twirl. You guys = too cute :) Great review, Jayme!

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