Pink Hair For Hope

I know way too many people who have been afflicted with Breast Cancer. Just recently a friend of mine from high school found out that she has breast cancer and it hit way too close to home. She is younger than me and now she has to deal with this awful disease. She will kick it’s ass though, because she is a fighter.

Unfortunately, not everyone wins their battle with breast cancer (or any other cancer). It is a terrible disease and we all need to do everything in our power to find a cure. Many of my friends were able to participate in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure, but we were unable to attend. I wanted to find another way to show my support for breast cancer research and I was hoping to find a unique way to accomplish this.

Angelina Pyle at The Hair Depot is offering pink hair extensions and half of the proceeds benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation.


Paige and I both decided to get pink streaks in our hair. Paige had so much fun getting her pink hair! It barely took 10 minutes for both of us to get our pink streaks. We had so much fun chatting with Angelina while we were there. Angelina has a huge personality to go along with her huge heart.

hair collage

We couldn’t wait to show of our fun new pink streaks to everyone we saw.


If you are in the Toledo area make sure to give Angelina a call to schedule your appointment this month. It only takes a couple of minutes, but can make such a huge difference.

*FTC Disclosure: Yes, I admit, it was free but I did still give a donation after all. Even though I was offered the services for free all opinions are 100% my own.


  1. I need to check to see if any salons here are doing that. I would love for me and Allison to get some pink streaks for a great cause.

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