Essence of Dave: Parenting Is Not Fun & Games

So there are many things in life that make people say WTF. Most of the time it is things that we see or experience in life that make us say WTF, Very rarely can one look at themselves and say WTF. Today I look at myself and say “WTF Dave!!!”  I look at my life. I was raised in a middle class home with a “functional” family of five. My parents are still happily married and raised my sisters and I with good wholesome values. My parents taught me just about everything I needed to know in life….. or so I thought.  The one thing that was never taught was how to deal with children that drive you to your breaking point time and time again. I know, those of you who knew me as a child are smiling and throwing around the word “karma”. I was definitely not an angel growing up and I am getting it all back now that I am the parent.

Have any of you parents out there came up with the proper way to punish a child? When you marry your spouse and the two families become one, there are so many values that may contradict each other. Do you spank? Do you use time out? Do you ground? There are so many different punishments that were used on me as a child. Jayme was raised with different punishments. So which ones do we use? WTF!!!! Why is it so difficult to figure out the right way to discipline a child? Jacob has been nothing but horrible lately (Jayme will get into some of that in her own post) and it seems like a proper punishment is very difficult to come up with. Especially because I get so irritated that my mind goes in a million different directions and sometimes contradict myself when talking to Jacob. WTF… Why does parenting need to be so hard?

My wife is an amazing woman who has taken a boy into her home and accepted him as her own. She has loved him and raised him with good values and I am forever in debt to her for that. I believe that it is time to sit back and let her call the punishment shots for a while. Not to remove myself from punishing, but to see if her way works better. I support her and love her more than anything in this world, so why is it so hard for me to let go the grasp of being the one who hands out the punishment? I mean for real….WTF!?! I know many of you were hoping for a funny post, but I just can’t come up with comedic content when all this is going on. I just needed a place to let it all out and I promise that next week I will bring the funny. So how did any of you decide what the proper punishments are for your kids? How did you decide which parent does the punishing?


  1. Oh Dave…it’s hard because it’s SO important. You and Jayme have such a great relationship and Jayme is such a good mom…I have no doubt that even though in the thick of it when you’re wondering WTF…you will look back and have pride.

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