My Kids – Creeping You Out Since Halloween 2013

This year my kids left me totally speechless with their Halloween costumes. Paige originally wanted to be Ariel from the Little Mermaid but was upset that I refused to buy her a brand new red wig. (I know, I am the worst mom EVER!) She went back and forth between different princesses that she wanted to be, but when it came down to actually picking out a costume she shocked us all.

Zombie Cheerleader
zombie cheerleader

I was so proud of her. I just love scary Halloween costumes. It is also so nice that she wants to have fun and not just be a pretty princess or some crazy slutty whatever. I could not believe how slutty the costumes are for her age. I mean, come on, she is only freaking 8 years old!

Jacob didn’t surprise me at all because that boys loves being creepy, scary monsters for Halloween. He really didn’t disappoint this year and pulled out one of the simplest, yet creepiest Halloween costumes that I have seen in a long time. I am pretty sure he could be an extra on American Horror Story.


Now let me introduce you to the creepiest photo of my children that I have ever seen. Enjoy your nightmares people.


You’re welcome.



  1. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. Okay, seriously, those are creepy costumes! Good for them. :) Sounds like they totally had fun.

  2. Love it! *high five* to your daughter for going creepy. Raising her right! :)

  3. With boys I never stood a chance of the cute costumes. They have too much of their freak them out gene from Daddy in them. I saw that pic on FB and was like Whoa that is creepy as heck. Nice makeup and costumes..

  4. Eeeeeek. I hope you leave the hall light on at night!

  5. Dude! That *is* creepy! But so cool!

  6. Your kids are awesome.

    Also, who in the hell would make a slutty costume for an 8-year-old?!?! Now THAT is creepy.

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