Movie Night With McDonald’s Mighty Wings

I am always looking for fun and unique ways for family nights. We love going out to dinner, but that can get expensive. We love going out to movies, but that can be expensive too. I needed to find a fun and inexpensive way to bring 2 of our favorite things together – food and movies! Enter McDonald’s and Redbox.

I was approached by McDonald’s to try their new Mighty Wings. My family LOVES chicken wings, but it is so hard to find good and meaty wings that you can get quickly and at a decent price. We love going to a local wing place, but after driving there and trying to find a table, then ordering, we waste a lot of precious family time and money. Enter McDonald’s Mighty Wings!


I was sent a package of fun from McDonald’s to enjoy with my family for a fun family movie night. We received a travel blanket, gift card, and many other Mcdonald’s related accessories to make our movie night more enjoyable. We decided to watch a fun family comedy. We have wanted to watch the Incredible Burt Wonderstone and due to it’s PG-13 rating we figured it would be a fun family movie and it was. The movie was hilarious and everyone loved it. The best part, it was cheap because we rented it from Redbox.


We also love the Mighty Wings! We had an indoor picnic on the carpet to enjoy our movie and the Mighty Wings. Please ignore the cheeseburger on Paige’s plate. She thought the wings were a little too spicy for her.


The wings did have a nice little kick to them, but they weren’t terribly spicy. They were, big, meaty and crispy, with a kick! Seriously! Look how big they are!


I am pretty sure that this is the hottest photo of me that has ever been posted online. Be jealous people!

I have been talking to everyone that I have seen about Mighty Wings. If you love good, crispy and meaty wings make sure that you run, don’t walk to McDonald’s because Mighty wings are only around for a limited time. Mighty Wings are sold in 3, 5 and 10 pieces. Just remember how big they are… 5 may be just enough for you! With several different dipping sauces to choose from you can have a different flavor every bite!

Sometimes you just need some yummy chicken wings in your life and McDonald’s is the place right now. Maybe if enough of us order them they will keep them around longer. Once can only hope, right?!




  1. this post makes me want a cheeseburger. stat.

  2. I loved those Mighty Wings. So tasty!

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