Overindulge During The Holidays? Just Dance 4 Is Here To Rescue You!

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By now, you all know my love of dance and the fact that I have started dancing again. You also know my love of Just Dance games. I was so excited to hear that Ubisoft was coming out with another Just Dance game just in time for the holidays.

I currently own Just Dance 1-3 and Michael Jackson The Experience so I had to have Just Dance 4. I didn’t know who was more excited when I was chosen to review it, me or Paige. Paige did her own little happy dance when it arrived at our door. The kids could not wait to start dancing.

One of the things that I love about the Just Dance franchise is that it is fun for the whole family. We have had family parties on several occasions that end up with big dance parties. The whole family gets involved.

Buddy, aka Senor Red Belly, likes to be in the middle of the action.

As with most holidays, we always overindulge and end up regretting it the next time that we step on the scale. Just Dance 4 is here to rescue you from your overindulgence with Just Sweat! I love the new features of Just Sweat in this game.

There are 5 Just Sweat workouts: Aerobics in Space, Sweat Around the World, Electro Body Combat, Cheerleaders Boot Camp, and Swinging 60s Workout. There are 3 different levels for each workout: 10 minutes,  25 minutes and 45 minutes. You can create your own personalized workout sessions and it tracks your burnt calories for you. Sounds like a win-win situation for me. Burning calories and having a fun time doing it… I am sold.

Would you like to see some of our sweet dance moves for yourself?

This one had to be shown at it’s full length. It was just to amazing not to share. The kids are not the only ones that enjoy playing this game!

There are also two more fun dance modes: Battle Mode and Dance Mash-Up Mode.

Battle Mode

The game includes a dance battle mode where two dancers from two different songs will dance against each other. Both players will have a health bar, and one of them will go down if the other player dances better. If the health bar of either dancer becomes empty, the opposing player wins and the winning dancer’s song will play for the next round. Each round’s time is varied depending on how long the round last; when the timer reaches zero, then the dancer with the most health wins the round. There are 5 rounds in total. There are 5 battles which must be unlocked.

Dance Mash-Up Mode

Dance Mashups return in Just Dance 4, where different routines from previous Just Dance titles are integrated together in one song. There are 12 dance mashups, all of which must be unlocked.

If you have Just Dance fans in your family, this would be the perfect gift for them! You can find Just Dance 4 at Amazon and Toys R Us.


  1. awesome!! I want one and a Wii t0 play it on!! One question: was Dave sober? you two are so cute!! Makes it look like so much fun! Paige and Jacob really enjoy it too. Good for all ages!

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