I Like Cake

I like cake.

That is all.



  1. Me too. But I would prefer cookies or brownies. However, when in a pinch, any baked good will do. ;-)

  2. Yumm, love cake!

  3. Me, too.

    Are you sharing?

  4. I like it too!

  5. I like YOU! Hahahah! (But ok, maybe not as much as cake. Sorry.)

  6. Classy! Love it!

  7. And you’re not sharing, are you? :D

  8. I love cake. That looks like some creamy yummyness right there.
    I happen to be German and we make really good cakes ;)

  9. Ha ha ha. I like cake too. A lot. :) Hope you enjoyed.

  10. Haaaa,
    a picture says a thousand words.


    I. Love. Cake. Too.


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