Essence of Dave: Operation Sober Wedding

This past November we went to our friends’ wedding. We had planned this night for months. The plan was to get sloppy drunk with a few couples in between the ceremony and the reception and then take a cab to the wedding. Yes, that’s right…to the wedding. This way all of us could indulge and nobody would have to be the designated driver. The night was set and everyone promised to bring their “A” game. This wedding was someone that Jayme went to high school with. There were a lot of people that I did not know there and I had my reservations. Since none of us had to drive, I was determined to party my ass off and let people think of me whatever they would. As the wedding got closer I found out from the bride that we were seated at the table that would set the mood for the night. One of the couples we were riding in the cab with and a few other couples that I had not yet met. Open bar meant I was ready to P-A-R-T-Y!!!!!


24 hours before the wedding this guy ends up in the emergency room. Long story, short… I ended up on a ton of medication and couldn’t drink for 10 days. Instant designated driver for the wedding. :(  We ended up taking my MIL’s minivan and I was sober for the wedding. Now, I have never been the sober one so this was going to be an experience. We went to the reception and then back to a friend’s house. An hour of power drinking and we (4 of us) climbed into Mom’s van. 20 minutes later we were at the reception. Straight to the bar and the liquor started flowing for the rest of the party. My Diet Coke was delicious.

Now remember the promise to bring one’s “A” game….. Before our asses hit the seats, one of the upstanding citizens of our table said, “Let’s play a drinking game!”  Every time someone says the word “love” during the speeches we have to drink. This is where my night takes a big turn. I believe there were 5 rounds consumed before dinner even started.

You would think that being the sober one would have truly sucked. I had an amazing night watching the entire group get plowed. There was a photobooth and the group thoroughly enjoyed it. By the time the reception was over things were just getting started. We piled in the van (9 of us) and headed back to our end of town. The ideas started flying through the van at a very loud volume. “Let’s go to the bar”, “Let’s go to Pita Pit”, “Let’s go back to M & J’s house” and “We are going home”. Well I couldn’t appease them all so I dropped off those that wanted  to go home and took the rest to the bar.

The next morning I felt great, everyone else was beat. I look back and am really thankful that I had a night of being the responsible one. Have you ever been the one sober one? The responsible one? Have you ever spent an evening doing the opposite of what you normally do? I can not wait to get back together with all my new friends from that night and see if they are the same when I am drunk or when they are sober. As promised the wedding was awesome and we are ready to do it again. So if you have a wedding coming up or any other formal party and you need the extra element added to it, we can bring our table to your party and I can assure you that your party will be a success.


  1. singdwingangel says:

    Ahh see I am always the DD. Always. Until week before last when I was drunk for the first time in my 43 years of life. Yeah you read that right. For me that was the switch. I had a blast. But I must say I am pretty much the same drunk, I just talk faster, if that is possible.

  2. I’m usually the sober one too. It’s hilarious watching people get all stupid!

  3. I’m usually the one not drinking, but when I’m in the mood for it… out. Probably the reason I’m the one sipping iced tea most of the times.

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