Are You Ready For Some Football??!!!

Oh yes peeps, it is that time again. School is back in session and you know what that means…FOOTBALL SEASON!! Now, I am not the biggest football fan, but I will definitely watch it. I should be watching the Buckeyes game right now but instead I am writing this post because I love all of you…and the hubs was getting on my nerves so I needed to take a break from him to save my sanity and his. (Love ya babe!)

I even decided to start Vlogday Friday up again!

So in honor of football season I decided that my topic would be football of course! Enjoy!

And while you are in the mood for reading blogs..hit up this hooker!

One Crazy Brunette ChickOh yeah and don’t forget about Boobies!

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*Fawk you to all of the douchenozzles that refuse to drive the speed limit. If it says 35, you have to go at least 35! Or get off the fawking road! And really, who goes the speed limit anyways??!!*

Go link up with these lovelies! I totally hear their faces! I have something special planned on Sunday so stop by if you get a chance. I know, I normally don’t post on Sunday but this one will be totally worth it!

Embrace Your Body!

Contrary to what many of you have seen and or read, I am not always the first one to say that I love my body.  I have actually had a very long love/hate relationship with my body. I have been skinny and fat so many times I cannot even count, but my stretch marks can tell you that it has happened. Even though my weight has fluctuated on several occasions, there are a few constants that I love no matter what size I am.

So, since it is Vlogday Friday, I decided to go ahead and use  Embrace Your Body Week as my next vlog topic. I also have a beautiful little co-star!

Did you notice I said her real name? Oops! Oh well.. And I promise to find some better lighting for next time. I am so much prettier in the real light! LOL!
And on a side note, after I was done with the video, J walked in and said “Mom…what is Mom Sexy?” He is such a nosey little thing! I just laughed and said don’t worry about it.
I almost forgot… Peanut reminded me about one more thing that we love…
So anysexy…stop by the Mommyologist and check out other moms who are embracing their body this week!
What do you love most about your body??

I <3 Me!

Day 2 of the 30 Days of Truth is something I like about myself. Well I turned it into more than one thing..but whatevs. I like myself! I apologize if I sound funny but it was late and I had taken a muscle relaxer so I was feeling good. And at one point Buddy decides to shake pretty loudly because he just had a bath.  I hate doing more than one take of a video, so here it is on the first take!

(It should say Day 2! I told you I was out of it last night!)

Let’s Talk About Sex Baby…And a Little Ranting Too!

So I had so much planned for today’s post and then last night happened.
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Fawk You to the douche canoe that ran into my car on my way home from work last night. It wasn’t a bad accident, but it was bad enough to agitate an old injury from a car accident several years ago. So now my right arm and shoulder are in pain.  He said he couldn’t see me…. My ass!

And a very sweet I love you to the best husband ever. We were supposed to go out for a friend’s birthday party last night but after the accident I was pretty shook up. Yes, I know it wasn’t that bad of an accident, but I have had issues ever since I was in a horrible roll-over accident about 10 years ago. So my loving hubby just took me to a local bar for dinner and drinks. Man did I need those drinks! I really felt bad that we didn’t go out for my friends birthday but I was really not in the mood at all.

So anylove

Now on to the vlog! Thank you to the Ninja for suggesting this week’s topic! Sex!

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And last but not least check out…
Just Keep SmilingShe is doing a vlog today too and pimped out my Vlogday Friday! Check out her adorable daughter Heaven!

Drunken Sorority Girl

Hey pervs, no this isn’t a crazy lesbian story about a bunch of drunk sorority girls going at it. I know that for some of you that is one of your fantasies. No, this is about one crazy drunk sorority girl, ME! And there is also another one thrown in there about me as a drunken stupid adult. Enjoy!

Also, thank you to Lorraine from Late to the Party for the drunk story suggestion. Especially that it should include one about puking.

And thanks to my IRL friend Brookie for seconding that suggestion! She loves my shenanigans!

29 and Holding Jayme MonsterThis is from my 29th Birthday and is currently Brookie’s facebook profile picture.

And now….On with the show!!!

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And if for some reason you do not get to watch the video, I just want you all to know that I will be taking a mini-vaca starting this afternoon and I won’t be back until Wednesday. No computer access! Woo! So if I don’t respond back to you as quickly as I do, just know that I am not being rude, I just have no way to check the blog or my e-mail. But don’t worry, I still have some posts scheduled so that you don’t miss me too much! I am so looking forward to all of your SUGGESTIONS for the next Vlogday Friday!

This Is Why I Am Awesome-Updated

Welcome to VLOGDAY FRIDAY everyone! I decided that since you all love seeing my beautiful face on video and love hearing my MidWest twang so much that I would make my vlogs a regular feature! Each week I will vlog on an array of topics. The best part is that YOU get to pick what I do a vlog about!

If you want to be involved and would like to suggest a topic for Vlogday Friday, please leave your topic in the comments. I am going to pick a new one each week. I am still not sure how I am going to choose the topic from your ideas, but I will work on it. I will be fair…I promise! Also, if I choose your idea, I will feature your blog too! I know…I love to spread the blog love!

So without further delay…

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Oh yeah and I even made the button above, all by myself! So come on…what do you want to see me vlog about next. Let’s not forget that my family reads this too…so be nice!

**Don’t forget to leave your suggestions for the next Vlogday Friday in your comment!**