Bang. Bang.

For years I would change up my hairstyle every single time that I went to the hair salon. I would go blonder in the summer and darker during the fall. I was obsessed with finding the next great hairstyle and going with it. I have had some real winners and some ridiculous losers. My hair has ranged from fuschia to orangey blond.

Lately I have been trying to stick with the same hairstyle (growing it out) and going a tad bit darker but not too much. I have been happy with my hair so far, but then one day I saw Britney Spears on X Factor and I fell in love with her hair. Mainly, her bangs.

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I laughed at myself and thought… Really? I want to emulate something about Britney Spears? (Maybe next year you will find me with my head shaved, beating cars up with an umbrella.)

But, yes. Yes I did. I started coveting her bangs. It was all that I thought about. I actually considered cutting my own bangs, but I have had more failures than successes when I have done that. I knew better and the fact that I had a hair appointment coming up, I had to wait.

So I waited. And I waited and I admired Britney’s bangs and Greta’s bangs too. Greta has some killer bangs. This photo on Greta’s instagram profile really sealed the deal for me! She is too cute!

So, I told my hairdresser what I wanted and she agreed that I could pull it off. I felt like a new person. A different person, and Paige kept yelling, “You are not my mom!” Thank God we weren’t going out in public places. I tried to explain to her that it wasn’t the best thing to say in public, but she thought it was hilarious.

I then came home and posted the following photo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the caption, “Bang. Bang. I got bangs.”

One of my friends called me a “hair tease” because I wouldn’t post a picture of the full hair. I couldn’t just post it out there without writing about it first! My hairdresser even asked if I had this all planned out to write about on the blog. Of course! How else would I show my new look!?

For a comparison, here is what I looked like before the change. This was last weekend when I got all fancied up and curled my hair for a wedding.

And here I am now. Darker and BANGING!

Bye Bye Blondie!


  1. I love it!! With the color & new cut it gives you a whole new look….. very sexy!

  2. Awesome!

    You look good with bangs. I, on the other hand, do not. It’s the curly hair…I have to straighten them and they just kind of hang on my face.

  3. You look hawt!

  4. again i love love love the bangs and your making me want them. I havent had bangs since jr. high!

  5. It’s beautiful! It makes your eyes jump right out of your face (in a good way, not an actual eyeballs on the floor kind of way …)

  6. LOVE! I really love the darker color.

  7. HOT MAMA!! You look banging (ahem). Seriously. Love it! I’ve been on the edge of my seat since the hair tease. And you are way too sweet. I am totally loving my hair right now, too. Bang ON, sister!

  8. Jayme,

    You look phenomenal! Bang Bang, indeed! Or what about that song “She Bangs?” LOL

    Love the new look. I bet hubs likes it too. MEOOOOOWWWWWWWW

  9. I know I already told you but it’s not official if I don’t post a comment! LOVE the bangs!!

  10. this is too funny-I was just thinking that next time I get my hair did I’m going with bangs
    looking hot babe!

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